Privacy Policy of Patchit!

Last updated: April 26, 2022

Contact Person

Florian Dornbusch
Prager Str. 1
01069 Dresden

Thank you for playing Patchit! The following paragraphs describe how your personal information is collected, used and handled when you play the game. If you have any questions about this privacy policy feel free to send an email to privacy@floriandornbusch.com.

As a general notice, the disclosure of collected private information is integral to the functionality of the game. The information is only exposed if necessary for the integrity of the game and only shared with the stated entities.

By using the app you agree to this privacy policy and to the described exposure of your private information. To stop sharing / removing private information that Patchit! has collected, you can follow the instructions provided in the below sections or stop playing the game / delete the app from your device.

While using the app, your personal information is accessed on three different occasions:

1. When you connect to Multiplayer Networks

Depending on the mobile platform you are using, you might be connected to a multiplayer network, such as GameCenter or Google Plus. If this is the case, Patchit! tries to authenticate you on application start and when resuming the app. The game then uses your profile picture and username to display it in the app settings and while playing games. Your profile picture and username are only shown to you and not shared with any 3rd parties.

You can prevent the disclosure of your profile picture and username by signing out of the multiplayer network or by not allowing Patchit! to authenticate with the multiplayer network (depending on the mobile platform).

2. When ads are displayed

Patchit! makes use of services provided by Unity to display advertisements inbetween games and to analyze how those advertisements are being watched. Your advertising identifier is not being collected or shared with ad publishers and attribution companies. The game only serves contextual ads, strictly based on geographic location and current gameplay. No historical data will be used for ad targeting, including user behavior within the app and across other apps, or installs.

3. When you send feedback to the developer

By pressing the feedback button at the bottom of the app settings you will be prepared to send an email to the support at patchit@floriandornbusch.com. The email contains the unique device identifier, device class and operating system of your device. This kind of information makes your feedback more valueable. You can always modify the prepared email before sending to not disclose any or just some of the personal information. Support emails are stored on the servers of our web hoster netcup. You have the right to see all emails that you have sent and to have them deleted from the server.